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The Regalia of Might Campaign is set in the World of Tellene, or as it’s better known the Kingdoms of Kalamar (Created by KenzerCo). The campaign has been devided into 4 parts (As we learned the new Hackmaster rules) the first two campaigns only took the characters to level 5(Hackmaster Basic Book only had Rules to level 5).

The First Campaign started as soon as I returned from Origins with the HMB book, nestled in the small town of Yelden in the Country of Mendarn in Brandobia.

It saw the group thrown into a escalating race war, with the House of Scorn, The Peacemakers, and a growing shadowy group striving to touch a candle to the oil, and set the entire area afire.

The Second Campaign
The second campaign took the players though White Horns Ivory Palette to the Realm of the Elm King to the fabled Frandor’s Keep.

The Third Campaign
This campaign saw the players begin their journeys in Loona, Here the Conerstone Adventure Co. grew and took to the road, they journeyed from Zoa, to Shyff in an attempt to procure Trubo’s Folloy a flying ship.

The Forth Campaign
This is the current Campaign and has taken the characters from Thygasha to Geanavue.

List of Characters Past and Present

Present Active Characters

Barla Hammerstrong
Miranda “Four Fingers” Doubleday
Arac Finecloth

Dead / Inactive Characters

Victor Gregory III Human Cleric of the Guardian 6th Level (Dead at the hands of
Minotaur in the Labrynth under Trarr)
Sledge Dwarf Thief 4th level (Killed by a Shadow in Dorsus’s Tomb)
Hari Seldon
Fergus Marsali
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Regalia of Might
Elder Races
Factions of the War

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