Treasure Hunter extrordinaire, Protector of the Elven race




Apprentice: Repel, Repair, Feat of Strength
Journeyman: Freeze Water, Remote Audio Link, Sense Magic Aura, Tireless Run
1st: Magic Shield, Wall Walk, Shift Blame
2nd: Disguise, Smokescreem, Magic Projectile
3rd: Unlock, Inaudiability



Back story and achievements:

A very young elf of obscure origin, who showed up in Codsole not knowing where he had come from or why. His case of extreme amnesia soon caught the attention of several local leaders who made an attempt to discover the nature of his illness, and why someone or something would do this to him. There first attempts were in vain, and it became obvious that they were dealing with a greater magic dweomer. Sparrow was taken in by one of these officials to be watched for a time before being reassed. Sparrow proved to be a very capable individual desipite his loss of memory. He displayed great talents with magic, and happened already to know some cantrips, he was nimble bodied matching the stealth of some of the most up and coming rangers, and possesed an almost godly gift of gab. Who ever he was, he wasn’t an ordinary elf. After some years, with little progress made in finding his origin, the elves recieved a message from a mage know as Greatar. This message was an offer: that if Sparrow and a retainer would come aid Frandor’s Keep, that he would personally look into the matter of his vexations. Greatar being of unquestionable stature as a sage quickly piqued their interest and Sparrow and his two brothers (other “orphans”) soon departed.

Frandors Keep:

- Sparrow and party eliminate threat of local bugbear leader, find the sword “Penra” on the ill-fated corpse of what may have been a halfling prince.
- Sparrow and VC3 are only two survivors of journey through the old has road.
- After run in with the local gang, the Ravens, the new group launches a night raid on the raven camp after convincing the authorities to give them hidden passage over the wall and guidance to a spot overlooking the target. Then proceeded to assasinate Rikar, the leader, and disperse the
group from quarry town.
- Sought out the Mother of the Mountain near Wew, sacrificed Penra for answers that led to finding the location of Karanar the astranged apprentice of Greatar. After dispatching the mage, the group destroyed the barrow wight of an orcish king, and reclaimed what was though to be a relic level magic item, thus saving the keep and the lands it protected.


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