Elf Mage


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Apprentice: Feat of Strength, Amplify illumination
Journeyman: Perimeter Alarm, Sense Magical Aura
Level 1: Pepper Spray
Level 2: Smoke Screen, Disguise
Level 3: White Hot Metal


Born and raised in the Elvish city of Cilorealon, Nathaleine was trained in the arts of magic by the finest mages of the city. Although not the brightest of students, he had an eagerness and passion for the arts that was not to be denied. Nathaleine has also been trained as a translator and as a liaison with other races.

During the first attack on the elvish soul stones, Nathaleine and his sisters were sent to aid in the defense of the soul stones. They arrived too late to save them and all of Nathaleine’s sisters were hunted down and killed during the massacre that followed. Struggling to survive, Nathaliene was able to use his magics to evade capture by the hag’s forces. Drained, tired and beaten up, Nathaleine was at the end of his resources when a miracle happened. As he slowly slipped into unconsciousness, Nathaleine looked into the sky and saw a dragon slowly drifting towards him.

Since his rescue by flying ship 4 years ago, Nathaleine has sworn oaths to the Order of the Dawn. He has had several harrowing missions for the Order since joining up. Among these are the Kalamarian deception and the O’Parian Church controversy.

For the past year, Nathalien has gone undercover trying to find information on the lost elven soul stones. He and another elven partner infiltrated Trarr, and fed information back to the Order of the Dawn.


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