Fergus Marsali

Skinny Rogue


During his time with the Cornerstone Adventuring Company, Fergus was a young child who had joined in order to make some quick and easy money. When he eventually discovered the hardships and dangers involved in being a mercenary, he resigned from the company. While a good shot with a heavy crossbow, he did not have the ability to survive combat and decided he would be better off alive and poor than dead and somewhat richer.

A beautiful young man, Fergus grew up in Saraval’s Castle as the youngest son of Stephen and Malva. As the son of a sailor and a whore, Fergus became very talented at lying about his background and home as a child. He was always spending time out on the streets of Loona, ducking and running among the docks with the other children. He became extremely talented at talking his way out of trouble. Lately he has started to become a little too friendly with Selena, one of the dancer’s at the Castle. Malva has told him to either move out and get a real job, or to start as a male dancer at the Castle. Fergus had no interest in doing all the multiple duties of a male dancer at the Castle.

Mother: Malva, aka Lady Godiva. Malva used to be one of the High Ladies of the Castle, using the working name of Lady Godiva. Her beauty was notorious and men came from many ships to dance with her. Although she would dance with almost anyone, with the after-dance activities she quickly became almost exclusive to the merchants and ships’ officers due to her popularity and price. Although Lady Godiva has aged well, she is generally retired from the dancing game. She now takes care of all the dancing partners at the Castle, both male and female. She obtains clothing for them, ensures they keep themselves well fed and requires them to visit the one of the midwives on a regular basis. She also bakes her special Soorea every Tuesday for the dancers and the customers. The secret to her Soorea is the addition of a little cardamom spicing to the outside of the crust. Malva is a slightly built beautiful woman with an extremely warm smile. She has raven black hair and bright green eyes. In recent years she has started to become a little bit pudgy.

Sister: Jocasta, aka Princess Tulie, is apprenticed to Helena Focross, one of the seamstresses who contracts out to Manythreads. Helena specializes in repairing damaged clothing so that it can be resold as if it were new. Jocasta works for Helena in the late mornings and afternoons. In the evenings she follows her mother’s former profession at the Castle. Jocasta is a long legged woman with bright red hair and green eyes. She is very fond of her younger brother Fergus and she taught him how to use his body language to influence people to his way of thinking. She also helped teach him what women want and how to go about seducing them. She introduced him to her best friend Selena andshe finds it funny that Malva is so upset about the relationship.

Father: Stephen is a short thickset sailor who fell in love with the beautiful dancer at the Castle. He is currently the assistant quartermaster on the Sparrow’s Wind. He is responsible for ensuring the ship is supplied with everything necessary for the next journey. He also serves as the mess cook while the ship is enroute. Fergus see’s his father about once every year or two. Stephen’s ship is currently docked in Loona for some routine maintanence. Stephen introduced Fergus to (insert Rob’s Character’s name). Stephen has a large black beard that is starting to turn gray around the edges. He has gold rings and earrings.

Brother: Tom is a chip off the old block. He now works as a sailor alongside his father on the Sparrow. He does not care for his younger brother’s flaunting at the Castle. He wishes Fergus would settle down and start working like a real man. Tom loves his brother but does not respect his decision making.

Fergus Marsali

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