Barla Hammerstrong


Barla Hammerstrong
Father: Dirib
Mother: Takonhi
Grandfather: Gemtock
Sister: Garwyn

Origins: On the Northern tip of the Vrykarr

Grandfather Gemtock: Took part in skirmishes with the elves, his leadership became known to the elves (as affirmed by Wode at elvish council meeting in Narra).

Barla decided to leave the dishonor of her clan in search of anonymity and a way to start anew. She was forced to fend for herself in the streets of Loona, where attempting to pick the pocket of a man one day, she failed miserably. Surprised by her brute strength and tenacity, the man decided to take her under his wing. He was the First Mate on a ship called “The Good Lady” and onboard with most of the men, Barla’s aptitude for fighting, drinking and swearing became even more apparent. Barla learned how to sail a ship quite well, however, and managed to develop a few contacts in Loona despite her poor charisma and blunt tongue.

The Story of Dishonor:
Your father, Dirib, showed unquestionable skill in the working of Metals, especially that of Silver, Gold, and Steel. His understanding of Metallurgy was unsurpassed by those of the neighboring clans.
A rival of your fathers’ plotted to remove him as the primary candidate for Master Smith of the Torick-Murag (Hammer’s Strike) just north of Loona in the Vrykaar Mountains.
Rorlig Guth-Ather (Blood blade) was a contemporary of your father’s and possessed a skill almost as great. Unlike your father, he lacked the creativity to truly excel as an artisan. This caused Rorlig to hate and despise your father as his pieces drew most of the attentions and accolades of the Master Smiths. Rorlig suffered only minor praise and luke warm responses to his work. Over the decades, it became apparent to Rorlig that Dirib was going to take over as a Master Smith while he would be denied the title until another spot opened (this could take decades).
With this understanding he set about to bring down Dirib. Rorlig plotted and schemed to frame your father. The details are few, but basically it involved a challenge to the legitimacy of the origin of Dirib’s work. Dishonored and ashamed by the counsels’ decision to deny him a rightful spot as a Master Smith, your father left the village in self-imposed exile.
Barla, her mother and sister were left to fend for themselves. Dirib’s sudden departure from the village only affirmed to some that he really was guilty of the charges laid against him and the rest of the clans shunned the Hammerstrong family.
Once Barla felt she was old enough (and irritated enough with her family name being dragged through the mud), she decided to leave the village for Loona to see what it had in store for her.
Losing touch with her mother and sister, and with the whereabouts of her father unknown, Barla is a clan less dwarf that has only known dishonor and resentment. As such, she has hardened herself to the world around her and even taunts it by shaving her beard (an unspoken challenge to those who have the audacity to inquire about it). As a physical manifestation of the hurt and dishonor she holds inside, she has vowed not to grow her beard until her family’s honor is restored or until Rorlig (her father’s accuser) lies dead.

Barla Hammerstrong

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