Arac Finecloth

Arac Finecloth, half-elf, Assassin now working for The fellowship of the dawn as their spy


Level 4 Assassin trained 22 Hp.
str 16.15 / int 16.80 / wis 8.49 / dex 16.59 / con 8.84 / Looks 11.52 / Cha 10.13
base : Atk 6, Def 3, Dmg 3, init 0, top 7, save physical 2, mental 2, Dodge 5
Init Die: die – 1
Uses a + 1 sabre Atk 8, Def 5, dmg d6+d8+5, (specialization speed -1, atk +1, Def +1,Dmg +1)
wears +1 leather armor, proficient with sabre, dagger, xbow (hand xbow), club, shield
max lift 291, max drag 728, Fos 9, Foa 10,
at level 4 the victims top is reduced by 2 with melee or ranged if within 20 feet.
Learned the making of poison for bolts as part of settlement for cursed axe of labrynth
receives royalties of .5 percent for collapsable hand crossbow design (genevue weapons guild)


Arac Finecloth, Killing hit on Mummy, Killing hit on minitor

Took a break from Assasin contracts to settle family matter regarding his kidnapped brother in Thygasha. Fell in with the cornerstone adventure company to spy on them in return for his brothers safety at the request of M. Matters were far more serious than she indicated, his brother was found dead. Learning that the cornerstone adventure company was involved in a matter far exceeding his present wordly concerns he threw in with them for the time being. He went through a nexus gate and ended up at a dwarven dominated fort and the most powerful mages in the land asking for help to find the regalia of might. The removed his Mummy rot curse and he in exchange took an oath to devot himself to that end as well. Although he has promised not to perform outward evil acts he will follow his agreement in the Lawful Neutral alignment as an agent for The Fellowship of the dawn.

Detailed history

Arac Finecloth
Meserin Finecloth
Darcran Finecloth
Brightwind Silvertwine
Dominard Finecloth
Daclair Finecloth
Family Business
Arac Finecloth history
Recent History
Joining the Cornerstone
Back to Thygasha without Sledge
Arac returns to Dydraj with brothers ashes
Thygasha in training and gathering support
Thygasha training
Thygasha gathering info
Leaving Thygasha for The tomb of Dorset again

Equipment Inventory
Equipment Specs

Arac Finecloth, Half elf, illegitimate birth, biological father was an elf, it is understood from the little his mother would tell him, that the elf delivered fine silk to their establishment when his father had been away for a particularly long time. She loved Arac a great deal and tried to make up for what Meserin did not provide in affection. Arac bore some of the obvious signs of his elven heritage and that, with his illegitimate birth made him a target of bullies. While his brothers lived a favoured and protected life of privilege, Arac was learning to protect himself. Life hardened him physically and emotionally as he became more and more isolated by his difference.

Mother: Meserin Finecloth human, weaver, loving mother of her sons. She was married by arrangement to Darcran Finecloth. Between her family’s wealth and Darcran’s contacts and skill at business, they made a very good living. He travelled a lot but she was not lonely as long as she had the company of her sons.

Father: Darcran Finecloth Degy, merchant, travels a great deal looking for new products and sources of textiles. He spends a great deal of time away from home travelling the seas mostly. He tries to be close to his family but his marriage was an arranged one and so while there is companionship between he and his wife they are not particularly close. He did father Dominard and Daclair but Arac was not his biological son. Because of circumstance of Arac’s birth he was indifferent toward him. While his natural son’s received gifts from his travels Arac received very little. From time to time Meserin would take his two natural sons on short trips or excursions into the mountains to hunt or fish.

Biological father: Brightwind Silvertwine, last residing in city of 18000 called Crandolen in Cosdol, The land of Cosdol is the home of many of elven heritage. Magic is prominent there and is a large forested land bordering on Voldor Bay off the Brandobian Ocean. Arac’s mother learned over time that in fact her elven lover came from the Kalalali Forest and may even have come from the city of Cilorealon. This forest is home to many elves and has been involved in significant events in Renarian history:

Lying on the Renador River and bordered by the lands of Pekal, Ek’Kasel, and Ek’Gakel, this ancient forest is dotted with scores of lakes, some of considerable size. A wide variety of both trees and faerie folk can be found in the forest. On the shores of the largest of the Renador Lakes is the elven city of Cilorealon. Those fortunate few who have been able to wander its streets remark that they have never seen such beauty. This forest has always been under the patronage of the elves but was only recognized as such by human folk after Fulakar’s troops were humiliatingly defeated in their attempt to subjugate the elves during their great westward expansion. Trespassers are watched from afar to gauge their intent. Those of baneful disposition are likely to see the very forest come alive with wrath in its heart, as the would-be foresters of Ek’Kasel can attest. The elves’ purpose is to frighten away such intruders rather than to harm them. After centuries of isolation, the elves have taken a more active hand in the lands surrounding the Kalalali. The first such action was the revolt of Pekal. The elven council trained Lamnian Endremin and his followers, provided them with arms, sent scouts to gather information on Kalamaran troop movements and locations, and finally coordinated the revolt. To this day close ties exist between the two nations. The elves also aid the benevolent Prince of Paru’Bor by sending scouts to assist his border troops. The realm of Ek’Kasel is distrusted and a watchful eye is kept upon her activities.

Elder brother: Dominard Finecloth, merchant, missing while on assignment to Thygasha to expand the family business, was close to Arac when alive. Initial correspondence indicated promising markets there. Developing and taking over the business was his responsibility as the eldest brother. Dominard had not been heard from in some time and is feared to be either dead or taken hostage.
Younger brother: Daclair Finecloth, student, taking courses at the local academy of sciences. He is receiving training in geography, language, math, accounting and law.
Occupation: Merchant of fine cloths and textiles originating in Dydraj. As the middle son he was overseeing the business
Family business: his family owns an import business for various textiles in Reanaaria bay town of Dydraj. From this location they are able to access textiles of varying qualities and type by virtue of their location near the major waterways. The business has been doing very well and it was thought that it was time to expand the business.

Arac Finecloth:
Arac was not considered a true candidate to take over the family business given his half elven illegitimate status and his inability to observe the finer points of the mercantile manners and customs. He was very intelligent and capable of performing these duties, and would to please his mother, but there was no future in it for him.
The textile business did put him in contact with a great many people from all the lands of kalamar. In dealing with these people on a daily basis he obtained some proficiency with languages and an appreciation for their customs and the way they dress.
While his father was off in search of new trade and his older brother was on a mission to found a new outlet in Thygasha, Arac was in charge of the business. His younger brother was engaged in scholarly training and was not yet available to run the business. Arac felt pretty much like a figurehead for in fact his mother directed the major decisions. Arac had nocturnal activities of his own he would rather spend his time at so this did not bother him overly much.
A message from Dominard in Thygasha was received about 2 weeks after he had been expected to return home. The hastily scrawled message said “In some financial trouble. Send 100 gold or they will kill me”. “Please Hurry. I am being held until payment is delivered. Enter the west city gate at noon. As you pass through each town along the way carry a rolled up red blanket over your left shoulder. You will be contacted with further instructions.” Signed “Dominard Finecloth “.
Messages of this nature are not unknown to merchants since transactions such as those are a part of doing business. As the next older son it was Arac’s responsibility to go to Thygasha and pay the ransom. His mother provided him with a merchant’s guild script for the money with a bit extra for travelling. She would look after the business in his absence until her husband returned.
Arac was told to tell no one in the event competitors would advantage themselves of the situation. As far as anyone else was to know he was going to relieve his brother in Thygasha and carry on with a successful start-up in that city. He would not be coming back anytime soon.
He did have connections in the city that must know of the situation before he could leave. Some of his friends depended on him a great deal to perform tasks for them from time to time. This should not prove a problem though since they expected that sooner or later he would be travelling abroad.
Once all loose ends were tied up he set off to Thygasha. Caravan travel was not unknown to him and proved a swift way to reach his destination. As he passed through the town of Kotaj it caught his eye that one of the young street urchins looked directly at him, pointed to his left shoulder and gave him a slow nod. Having done so he pointed down the road towards Thygasha then disappeared.
He was fully alert now for someone to contact him between the small town and the city. No one approached him until he entered the city. Just inside the city gates a young lady selling rolled up towels came to his attention. She had a stall where he was certain to be noticed by anyone entering Thygasha. On her left shoulder she had a red towel rolled in the same manner as he. Looking him directly in the eye she beckoned him to buy one of her wares. She jokingly told him her towel would match his rolled blanket nicely and so it was foretold that it must be so. Perhaps if he did not want it for himself he could buy it for his brother. At that comment she raised her eyebrow slightly. As was expected she offered her blanket for 100 gold and laughed. They got down to bargaining and so he ended up buying the towel for 8 copper. Between praising his bargaining skills and claiming her children will starve on the little he has paid she whispered .. “ do not open until you are alone. The pattern inside that towel will delight you” .
He quickly found himself an Inn and took to his room. Inside the towel was an instruction in Renarian to wait in his room once the sun went down. He would be contacted. As the night drew on towards morning he perceived a slight taping at his door. Quietly he opened it and admitted a well-dressed lady. Four very large men occupied the hallway in an otherwise dead silent inn.
“May I enter” she asks. Arac bows and motions her to enter. She faces the door and speaks softly to the men outside “we are not to be bothered or overheard “. The men obey quickly and move to the end of the hall. As they reach their positions she closes the door and looks at him intently.
She tells him not to interrupt and begins to tell him a story.
Your brother came to Thygasha to open a new branch of your family textile business. He arrived and carried on forming business associations and contacts with the guild here in the city. It is well known that the guard in this city will turn a blind eye to most behaviour providing it harms no one and does not challenge the authority of the city guard. It is known to me that there are elements in the city that require new businesses to pay a maintenance fee to start and continue working in Thygasha. Your brother understood that this was how things were done and entered into a contract with those he must.
On the day that payment was due he did not have the funds promised. You can imagine how that might stand with business people who have contracts of their own to fulfill. Now you might wonder why I have an interest in your brother’s affairs. That is not your concern but let us say that we have become close.
Let’s get back now to the story of your brother. When he came to the city he showed proof of having the necessary financial reserves to make contracts. Those people that took your brother want the money promised by him. I arranged to act as a go between since I am known in the community. They are demanding 100 gold for his life but they will not take the money from you. I have the resources to attempt to retrieve you brother. If I am successful you can keep the gold.
My help though will require a favour from you. I also entered into a contract recently to retrieve a certain object for an important person. A group called the Cornerstone Adventure Company was in need of information to retrieve their friend who had been kidnapped much as your brother was. I supplied that information on the condition they locate something at the premises for me.
The object I wanted retrieved from robbers was a simple brazier with a symbol on it. It looked like the brazier in this picture I was provided with. (Shows him a drawing of the brazier) . This item was in their family for many years so you can understand my client has suffered a loss of honor for having lost it.
The information I provided was correct and they managed to get their friend back. These persons did not deliver on the contract to get the requested Brazier back. They did not offer compensation nor continue after the thieves. They made vague notions that what I wished them to retrieve was not there. They blamed others for their failure and that it was taken by persons escaping the location I gave them. They recognized the thief but did not immediately run him to ground in the city. Instead they waffled and dilly dallied until the trail went cold.
I have talked with them and they have shown no inclination to satisfy the agreement. In fact I think they are meaning to leave the city. I must not rule out the possibility that they are hiding the object from me. And that is where you come in. Although I planned to use you in another way, the perfect opportunity has come up. They seek someone to accompany them as camp cook and illuminator.
You will win that position and join their group. While in that group you will listen and learn their secrets. You will keep your eyes open for the brazier I seek. If you see it or learn its location, you will find a way to seize it and return it to me. In the meantime I will keep the 100 gold ransom in the event your brother’s life can be bought back. If you are successful you will have the gold and your brother.
I will tell you that your brother was burned in a fire in a brothel. The group I am sending you to observe was responsible for that fire and so let that be an incentive to you. I believe the money that is missing was or lost there in the fire.
If the party known as the cornerstone adventuring company travels near any company called the Dar Coaster Company, you will have the opportunity to contact me. Just write a short note, present it to the company guard and speak the words “ Elal Verboral Yan Sel “ ( from the lexicon of elven language ) “ in knowledge lies power “. The guards will see to it the note is kept confidential and that it reaches me.
You are not to mention this to anyone else or attempt to learn what my connection is to that company. Let it be sufficient to say that sometimes guards make a little extra money by doing such things. You are in the textile business and should understand that business is much faster when we put money into the hands of the right people. Those words, as they are passed with the message, will identify the message as one to be sent to me and nothing more. Do not ask the guards any questions or they will likely beat you for prying into their business.
I will want to talk to the Cornerstone Adventure Company personally so here is what I want you to do. After you are finished in the Dungeon you will likely stay in Kotaj for some time to heal up and rest. Encourage them to do so if they are reluctant. If they are bound for another town leave a message with the Shadow Mercenary Company as to your destination. While you are there slip away from the Group and go to the Dar Coaster company compound. You may hear them talk about that about the former house or Dorset that the coaster company took over. It’s walled in now and protected by the Shadow Mercenary Company. Tell the guards the word I gave you and that you have a delivery to make. Return to the group and do not be surprised by what follows. All will be well.
Leave and do my bidding and all things will turn out well. Make no reference to our contract or you will suffer the consequences. My client does not yet know that I do not have the item they wanted and so we have time. Your brother does not have time so I would advise you to prove yourself useful to the Corner Stone Adventuring Company.
Arac did join the Cornerstone adventure company as an illuminator. As with anyone in a service role they tended to speak freely around him and so he learned a great deal. When the party ended up underground looking for Dorset’s tomb outside Kotaj he gained the opportunity to join the party. Sledge was nearly dead from wounds but an altercation with Barla caused him to run off into the caves. Sledge’s death site was found and Advic retrieved. A brief fight with a dwarven Shadow and Gnome shadow creature ( likely Sledge ) and the group looked for a way out. Up a spiral staircase led to a complicated mechanism to lift a plug that led to the outside. They exited into a cave and found their way to the outside. A quick trip to Kotaj and the party could rest.
Arac revealed to the party his connection with the Dar Coaster and the mysterious woman. His family history was covered and the reason he joined the party. Although cautious they accepted him for the time.
In Thygasha many party members had to train to their new levels. During that time Arac learned his brother’s corpse had been found and cremated. He took ashes from the cremation site and travelled home. At home he learned that the Dar Coaster Company had purchased the family business. He is working on arranging some financing to pursue a path of vengeance for his brothers’ loss and the manner in which he was duped out of the gold.
During the trip home he found out that the Dar Coaster Company has been buying up companies along the route between the two cities. This included many businesses in Dydraj. One of the business’s the purchased was his family textile business. His father was dead, a brother was dead and he showed little interest in the business operations; so why should his mother not sell it. He is the next male heir so it should not have been sold without his permission.
The business to be conducted in town

Recent History
Enter the employ of the cornerstone adventuring company
Traveled with them to Kotaj
Entered what is supposed to be the Tomb of Dorset
Found 2 of the 3 Clerics of the light. One a zombie, the other a spirit that entered Chris
Located the cavern system and internal river
Travelled down the internal River system, took left fork in river, entered large lake in cavern
Found Large metal plug in cave 6 feet above waterline, blank book with Horse crest above it carved into Plug ( door ? ) Tapping inside, Tapping on outside produced pause then irregular patter of tapping.
Travelled to next lower underground lake
Found small beach with cave entrance in wall, killed lizard like creature in cave.
Large roar of falls to the next level of lakes ( unconfirmed ) bypassed , travelled across lake to tower
Near tower is a corpse of a Titan, Its huge, covered in moss, a gash in its side
Tower near wall of cavern, has one door below, small beach in front, from tower is a bridge 40 feet up and 20 feet to wall of cave. Lock is very complex, Victor opens with a spell
Inside Oars, Canoes on wall, stairs up, we take stairs, find dead dwarf shriveled, hammer in hand
Reach top of tower, crossbows on wall, long rope on pegs on wall with no apparent use.
Exit door and get on bridge, cross bridge door locked, door slides up and down but not moveable. Cedric blasts door with bash door spell. Dwarf zombies attack group but are dealt with
Group enters what looks like a dwarf fortress. Several fights with zombie dwarves, One encounter with an earth elemental that did not pursue when group retreated some, reached a nice forge where a spirit of a dwarf is hammering out weapons. . Turns out to be Barla’s fathers spirit (Dribs). a King in his own right though disgraced. Claims to have made fortress here to gather in disgraced dwarves ( beardless ) to regain his honor. He made a special Hammer for Barla, Held in his corpse hand below.
Barla’s father tells his story then dissipates, Group fights an earth elemental that crushed many of his followers and prevail, Barla takes the war hammer from her father’s hand, it’s verrry nicely made. Sledge tugs on the corpses hand to see if there are any rings on the fingers. Barla hits sledge very hard even though sledge is grievously wounded for desecrating her father’s body. Sledge does not like that and elects to leave the party. He heads off toward the surface on his own. The group pursues.
Sledge meets a shadow near forge and dies horribly. The party finds his gear and empty set of clothes. According to his will Advic will be given to sparrow on his death and so sparrow gains Advic. The group was attacked by a dwarf sized shadow and a gnome sized shadow ( sledge ) but were repulsed after doing minor strength damage to Victor and Bruce.
At this point Stan Lee enters the conversations and joins the party as a replacement for sledge. The group heads to Kotaj where Stan Lee drops his alias and tells them he is really Arac Finecloth. Arac discloses that he was sent to observe the party and turn them in. Brought to the city to pay a ransom for his brother a lady with hired goons said she’d help if he joined the group an watched for discussion of a brazier the cornerstone was supposed to get for her. She said she would pay the ransom while he performed this task for her. She alluded to the possibility that the cornerstone adventure company burned down the Sanding still brothel while his brother was in it, thus he lost the money he had brought with him, thus business associates held him in ransom for business moneys owing.
Arac has spent time with the group through several trials and thinking them honorable told the truth and warned them she wanted him to turn them in to the mercenary group – The Shadows -. Dismissing the danger the party stayed in Kotaj for one night without incident. The next day they travelled back to Thygasha and went to the church of the Lantern.

Cedric told the clerics they met there that Alwin had been possessed by a spirit of one of their missing clerics for a short time. They took him off and returned him some time later. The church of the lantern will not tolerate zombies and undead but spirits can sometimes be useful guides.
At the church of the silver mists the clerics on hearing the situation with Dorsus’s tomb offer to provide 2 powerful clerics to aid the party when they return. Arac finds out that his brothers corpse was turned in to the church. He was found semi-nude and comatose in the street. A short time later he died and was cremated. He owes nothing but vengeance to M now but she owes him 100 gold.
As a group they head back to the church of the Raconteur where they learn that Bip has been taken by M’s people (Bip has the amulet of translation). Furthermore; Sparrows stash of 600 silver and his maps and documents have been taken as well. It is understood why 5 of M’s people loitering in front of the church grinned at sparrow.
Sparrow decides to contact the collective to see what is going down that M’s people walk the streets so freely. Victor accompanies him while Arac puts on a hasty disguise and follows a ways back. Two of M’s men follow Sparrow and Victor. While sparrow goes to talk with his contact in the collective, Victor waits in an alley. Arac hovers nearby in the guise of a hunchback beggar. Upon the rooftops men look on at M’s men as they enter the alley to follow. Victor trips one using Command while the others runs by in the direction sparrow took. Two of the collective’s men hunting Pigeons with crossbows pursue, killing one of M’s hoodlums. Arac sees them dispose of the body into a barrel that must be sitting over a tunnel entrance. Sparrow returns and Victor and Sparrow return to the church of the Raconteur while Arac follows them just in sight down the road.
When Sparrow, Victor and Arac left, Alwin, Bruce and Barla decided to take a look around for a place to get a drink. Two of M’s men followed them as well. While Barla and Alwen tried to separate the 2 gangsters they were not entirely successful. Eventually they returned without incident to the church of the Raconteur.

Training in Thygasha
In the weeks that follow, the party undertook to catch up on their training. During that time several party members conducted research and activities to obtain more information on the key players involved in our quest.
Arac Returns to Dydraj
Arac has taken some ashes from the spot where his brother was cremated to bring them back home to his family. Borrowed a mount from a long time business acquaintance and set off at a fast pace. Along the way he learned that someone called the Dar Coaster Company was buying up businesses all along the route between the two cities.
When he arrived home he discovered that his family business had also been sold to the Dar Coaster Company. Once he found his mother and younger brother he was able to get the story of what happened. A messenger came to the family with a certificate of death claiming that he was also killed in Thygasha. With that news they sold the business to the Dar Coaster Co. at a fair if low price.
His mother could see that he was alive and well and after hearing Arac’s story swore an oath of vengeance against the perpetrators of the fraud and her son’s death. She gave him a share of the selling price as was his due, although he did not want to leave her in hardship. His brother is just reaching manhood but shows much promise as a mage. His apprenticeship will continue so that he might someday carry on the fight.
Further investigation in Dydraj informed him that there were a great many businesses selling out to the Dar Coaster Co. Arac picked up a few supplies and headed back with all haste to Thygasha.
Information Learned during training weeks in Thygasha :
Regarding sleep magic : the ONLY safe place was in/under the great dome of the church of silver mists.

Potion to resist sleep is : used extensive uses of their God’s blessing and a herbal concoction called Coddler’s Tea. ALthough the exact formula is unknown to you, you have surmised that it is in fact a powerful stimulant.

Silvered weapons : The Mace can Acquired from a Gnomish Smith named Vett. For cost of the weapon + Sling Stones 6sp Bolts, Arrows, Javelins, 20sp Knife, dagger,throwing axe, 75sp Sized M weapons, 150sp Size L weapons 250sp

Cedric :
The Shadows of the Khydoban desert, are a long story, One that begins almost a thousand years ago, and the Legend of the Sorcerer king Rumoured to be a being of incredible power and size he shaped the lush lands of Khydoban to his whims. The Sorcerer Kings cities were marvels of construction, and engineering, Science, magic was studied my all. It was a mecca for all, Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Greaven, Jotunn, and the fledgling race of man, made the journey from all corners of Tellene utilizing the Sorcerer Kings Magics . That was until the great Configuration, Few records exist of the Cause, but one thing is sure the lush lands of the Khydoban Empire were destroyed almost overnight the very essence of its life sucked away gone were the lush, fertile hills, and farmlands, now just a blasted wasted Desert. Entire cities, destroyed overnight, left empty, devoid of any living soul, however many were left full of restless dead (Direct Quote) "Shadows of their former forms:. The Capital of this Empire was the Great City of Khydobia. Lost in the sands and history. As Chris’s church will confirm, Light and silver work best. They are creatures of Darkness and corruption… –
Sparrow :
Geolain who now resides in the city of Bet Seder in Tokis under the Alis of Uler Scotta Bookbinder
Kirsan Mist Walker : Leader of the Silver Mist Temple
Prince Shyja
Dvistasi : Original Dream Caster
Dorsus : Lacky of Dvistasi

A secret Message to Geolain who now resides in the city of Bet Seder in Tokis under the Alis of Uler Scotta Bookbinder. A journey to take some weeks, at great peril. Not Cheep either at least 200Sp For the messenger. The Meeting with chance I would like to do in person, See the Dhar family history post that will follow.
—Using your “Charm” you manage to set up another meeting with the leaders of the respective Churches Kirsan Mist Walker, and xxx of the Church of the Eternal Lantern. They listen intently to what you have discovered thus far and your suspicions, Slightly taken aback a silence falls, the first to speak is Kirsan, “Marseena Dhar has been on our watch lists, we believe that she is a great threat to Prince Shyja and the continuation of the freedoms we enjoy. We have been interceding as best as we can without causing a out and out battle. Her pockets deep, and we believe she may be allied with the Original Dream Caster Dvistasi, he was never brought to justice for his part in the Night of Terror, Dorsus was just his lackey. Your friend Edmond and others have suffered the bite of dream magic.” The Cleric of the Eternal Lantern “Then it’s is settled we must march on Marseena Dhar and her Mage, cut off the head of the Snake” Kirsan shakes his head, “If only it was that easy, we would have done it already, she has rooted herself deep. Her Allies are strong, and if we fail to prove to the Prince it could be us becoming feed for Crows.” “Then What do you propose Kirsan” “We bide our time, until we have the proof we need, I know she is going to make a move to divide the two churches as we could be the only ones that could stop her and her pet mage. Let us present a ruse to her, let us openly compete, perhaps using the Anti-Zoa movement as good excuse. We will openly support Zoa, and you should openly Oppose Zoa, This should keep her attentions off of us.” " A wise plan, one that has many pitfalls but one that yet may succeed, where does the Cornerstone Adventure Co. fit into all of this Kirsan?" " Simple they will be publicly shunned, by us both but privately they will be the blade that we strike her with. I think it wise they continue to uncover the secrets of the Caverns of Dorsus, and learn what they can. While we learn of this Marseena Dhar."

Leaving Thygasha for the tomb of Dorset again :

The Cornerstone Adventure Company; here after referred to as the Cornerstone Co.; left the city of Thygasha in the general direction of Kotaj. To ensure they were not being followed they headed across country in a more direct line to their destination.
While out in the wilderness they spotted a group of 5 men at arms and a mounted rider walking in formation. It appeared they spotted the Cornerstone Co. and turned to investigate their presence. Barla recognized the mounted fighter from the battles surrounding a temple where a mailed glove formed an attachment to a party character ( name escapes me ). One of Barla’s alternate characters threw a javelin at him and killed him due to a severe critical. Anyhow, that mercenary and Barla were not friends in the least.
They both recognized each other pretty much simultaneously and so as he pointed at her and said “ You “ , she pointed her crossbow at him and said “Yes he’s bad”, in response to a teammates question. A brief battle followed in which Arac Finecloth was nearly killed by a charging horse. Victor did command him to dismount and so he did, in a near fatal fall from his horse. Two of the 5 shadow mercenaries were killed and the other 3 surrendered. The party was split on whether to kill them outright but since they did offer up some information about their main camp etc. they were released but bound.
A quick tending of wounds and the party proceeded to the cave that was the exit of the cave system below. They elected to rest up the night and heal as much as possible for the next day’s explorations. Sparrow recalled how badly the shadow of Sledge wanted the dagger Advic and so he began to fear it. Careful not to touch it he placed the dagger in his pack and went to sleep. In the morning they found the dagger wedged near the tunnel plug in a fashion that suggested Sledge’s shadow had tried to obtain it again.
Working in concert with crowbars and pry bars they managed to gain entrance once again to the dwarven realm below.
This time they investigated the dwarven rooms that served as a dormitory for the dwarves. As they checked corpses and found 4 keys they felt confident of some success. While opening rooms and searching them they discovered that there were in fact zombie dwarves locked in some of the rooms. Three of these broke through the doors and failed to do much damage before they were hacked down. In one of the rooms a nice ingot of silver was found along with a very fine set of dwarven chain mail. The other rooms yielded and additional 6 silver ingots.
The spirits of sledge and the dwarf continued to harass the party while in these caves. As a group they decided to head out to the sealed tomb and open it. They slept on the boats and the steps to recover their spells before Barla spoke the words that made the plug that sealed the tomb disappear.
When she did that there was evidence in the entrance of a small fire and a bedroll. The fire appeared fairly fresh so it was evident that there was someone alive in here that was making the tapping at the door before. The party decided go into the tomb and check out the downstairs first. They had barely stepped down the stairs when they were ambushed by a dark skinned elf dual wielding a set of scimitars. As they closed in on him he retreated down the stairs. A throwing star or some sort and some magic missiles were fired at them with some effect. When they hit the bottom of the stairs it was into a globe of darkness.
The pressed on and carried the attack in pursuit of the dark elf only to find it had the aid of a pair of skeletons. These were defeated quickly and the party pushed on into the right corridor. It was there they met some more skeletons. Chris’s mage was wounded badly and gained battle rage pushing hard through the skeletons to reach the dark elf caster at the corner of the next left turn of the corridor.
Those skeletons were overcome as well but the dark elf had pulled further back drawing the party further around the hall. IF you were to look at the layout of this section of the tomb you would see that the party was moving to the back of a square configuration of halls. They allowed the exit to be cleared so it is assumed in hind sight that the dark elf went all the way around and back out the exit. An inspection of the place where the boats were tied up revealed that they were missing.
Given the choice of swimming away or exploring the rest of the tomb it was decided to explore the rest of the tomb. The entrance lobby had a corridor leading into the tomb to the left and to the right of the stairs that had led down. The party chose to go left.
In short the left and right corridors came together again outside the tomb of Dorsus. That tomb was a large room distinguished by the following. Outside the room there are 3 arches by which to come in. Above the center arch was the carving of a human head. To the left above the arch was a carving of a snake and to the top of the right arch was the carving of a jackal. Inside the room was a bed in the center of the room covered in cushions and shear fabric attached to the ceiling in a canopy. On the bead they could make out the outline of a human male, bandaged and robed, his hand blackened and exposed to the party as he lay on his stomach face down in the bead.
At the far side of the room in an alcove raised above the floor and accessible by steps, is a black stone several feet in width and about 8 feet high. The floor of the tomb was littered with corpses / skeletons that were dressed in simple ragged armor and armed with simple scimitars. Burn marks adorned the walls and floors in black smudges. Very crude images were painted on the walls of the main room while the alcove was more finely decorated with scenes of a number of places.
When someone looked into the room and edged in slightly to gaze at the carnage beams shot from the statues in the corridors to the carved busts of the snake and jackal. Inside the corpse on the bead began to stir and Chris’s character became insistent that he go in and smite the corpse, and get a book supposedly in the care of dorsus. At that the group entered the room with an any cleric ( chris ) and started the attack. The mummy animated the corpses laying about and cast spells of mind control and scorch. Willard ( bruce ) was under mind control and battled his own players. Meanwhile those that could attacked the mummy. Chris managed to turn the skeletons so the fight was solely with the mummy and bruce. In the end the Mummy was killed by a combination of damage ( Arac did 33 damage but was scorched to unconsciousness simultaneously. The mummy was overcome and knocked to the ground where barla seized the opportunity and flattended its head before it could get up.
After an inspection of the bed revealed the mummy slept on turned up an empty recess that the book had probably rested in. The book however was gone. The black edifice was thought to be the portal that was spoken of as being in this building.
The group was in bad shape and fell along 2 lines of thought. Cedric thought we should take the portal immediately. Everyone else thought the portal could wait until they checked out the lower level again. Consideration had to be given that the book of dream magic was still in the building since no one saw the dark elf carrying it and he was in a hurry to leave. Cedric could not convince the others to attempt the portal with him and so went alone. His passage made the portal white ( assumed the magic was drained for the time being ).
After resting up some the party looked over the area the dark elf had been living in. A few more skeletons were found but without the dark elf to control them they were easily dealt with. A storeroom was found but did not contain a lot of useful items other than rat fur and rat meat. One wonders what they were feeding on.
They did find 3 deep rooms within a larger room. In the center there were 2 mummies lying on tables in front of a huge statue of a black stallion. To the left and right of these was a sunken room overseen by a snake statue and a jackal statue. The floors of these rooms were covered in gems and treasure that would temp anyone. The 2 arched doorways along the floor though were sufficient to cause pause. It looked to easy and was considered to certainly be a trap so they returned to the portal. It ended up taking almost 48 hours to recharge sufficiently black again to move the party.
Barla spoke the words and the party was whisked away to a dwarven fortress where they found Cedric and friendly dwarves. The dwarves are occupying the fortress in the brothers that were formerly the property of the gnomes. The gnomes being disinterested in the greater picture tended to only concern themselves with what they could make. According to the dwarves they would be willing to attempt to remove the mummy rot. While they considered this Graytar, Genolin, Paradaxyn and other famous mages briefed the group on what was actually happening in the world. It seems they now have 2 flying ships at their disposal. One is here under captain thule, in the mountains near the brothers and the other was on a mission with orsen and several others from the original cornerstone group.
Our party was initiated into the Order of Dawn by Graytar, Genolin, Paradaxyn. Crosavaius gives each of us a chain with our name on and as we give our oath of allegience to the order forges onto a much longer chain that hangs upon the wall. The quest they give us is to locate d the soul stones and take them to Krin the battle mage. If we fail in this we are to proceed to Prompeldia and contact Vassa the chart maker. In order to forge the new bond we had to renounce our old Cornerstone company and previous affiliations.
Because of information they have received our next mission is to kidnap a prince Unsar and his lady Brenna at the small town of Vorra. He is not on good terms with his brother and the witch queen Rebabra for he has not supported them and has instead chosen to wed a simple country girl that was employed as a handmaid of the queen. Once we have him we would convince or interrogate for his knowledge of where the soul stones or items are that are associated with the regalia of might. Our destination lays far from here but we shall travel by airship in relative comfort.
Our group was put down outside of Brenna’s hometown of Vorra. Our arrival at the local inn was not as quiet as expected since Miranda decided she would sit unwelcome at a table of men celebrating the recent marriage. In taking a seat she pushes a smaller man off the end of the bench. Humiliated he sneaks up behind her with intentions to bash her. Miranda turns around and Knocks him out with one punch. Everyone has a good laugh but it was too much for the crowd of bumbkins. They wanted to have an arm wrestling contest. Miranda obliges but manages to break one of the patrons arms. There is a ship belonging to Broll the mayor that will be taking Unsar and his bride Brenna away in a few days, so time is limited. Furthermore it is discovered that Queen Rebabra has place a bounty of elvin ears of around 30 silver. Alwin, Sparrow and I make sure we conceal our elvin heritage.
After checking out the town we find out that they have been married already and are staying at a family cabin. Two of her uncles are acting as protection while they enjoy their honeymoon. Her parents willingly tell us their location and we carry on to find them. However, when we reach the cabin they are staying at there are signs of a battle and the presence of 2 trolls. The trolls themselves are enjoying a fine meal of cooked horse, which we interrupt and drive them off. There are indications the 2 uncles are dead but the signs of battle and wounds on the dead tell a story of another party taking away Unsar and Brenna.
There is little time to loose if we are to reduce their head start and catch up to them. Fortunately we had some tracking skills in the party and were able to follow them to a camp in a woodland clearing. Fokki are known to hunt in this area but this group of around 12 were probably implicated in the kidnapping. There is a sound of hooves and horses race away from the other end of the campsite. Our approach from the woods in undetected and allows us to shoot crossbows from the darkness on the unsuspecting Fokki. The leader is the first to fall and in the ensuing battle 2 Fokki are slain. Our quarry runs back into the woods and return a moment later with Unsar in their midst. It would appear that Unsar was not married and that Brenna is in fact a spy that helped perpetuate the sham. He gives us the information that the soulstones are in the basement of the fortress but Alwin and Cedric will be brought to justice for initiating the attack and causing the deaths of 2 of his men. Brenna was riding to Gothmar to help instigate a military overthrow. He also informs us that his brother and Rebabra are returning soon from the south where they are trying to get military support from kalimar for their own wars. Accordingly Rebabra has promised the soul stones to gain that support.
There is supposed to be a secret entrance to the Fortress from a place called the Red Tower Inn. The Inn is run by a former agent of the crown and is reputed to be intelligent, shrewd and ruthless.

1. we find entrance in stables, under a trop door, protected by a perimeter alarm.
2. locate keys on the blacksmith ( also and agent ) and under the floor covering in the
secret room.
3. Door has 3 keyholes, we get by that and enter the tunnels
4. 2 packs next to the door were intended for the king and queen if they had to leave in
5. Tunnels lead us to sewer and then on to the fortress area between the walls.
6. The entrance to the labyrinth is found, we enter and we kill the Minitor
7. A cleric of the temple of thought named Emmit Nelson is in the labyrinth looking for his
dead partner that we found, although their intent was to map the corridors.
8. after we kill the minitor ( found a key on him ) we check out the treasure room but find
a secret treasure room that actually contains the real soulstones.

Arac Finecloth

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