Cleric of the Light


Alwynn is a cleric of the Light from Thygasha. He was recently arrested for murder and is currently awaiting trial.

Alwynn’s Family

Family Name Relationship Notes
Mother Teelia Loving Apothecary
Step-Father Norgren Ill-Equipped Security at The Star Door
Father Alaan Dead Member of the City Watch
Sister Miana Natural Member of the Church of the Inevitable Order of Time
Sister Toolia Dead Died during the Time of Troubles
Me Alwynn
Brother Liamar Devoted Acolyte to the Church of Light
Sister Nooria Very Close Herbalist/Apothecary

Description: A thin man of average height, Alwynn has a short red beard and green eyes. He wears a white cloak with a yellow rising sun on the back. Around his neck he has a leather strap attached to a small pewter lantern.

Background: Alwynn is the product of a brutal gang rape. His mother had been exploring the desert near Thygasha, looking for the flowers of a certain type of cactus in order to add them to a healing paste. She was attacked by a group of young Renarian men on camel back. Teelia survived this attack and raised the resulting child along with all of her other children. Teelia’s first husband Alaan viewed Alwynn as one of his own children as well. Sadly, Alaan was killed while on patrol when Alwynn was 12 years old. After a short mourning period, Alwynn’s mother remarried. Alwynn has always been a devoted young man who values life and protecting the innocent. When the Church of Light came into Thygasha, he found that their values of fighting undeath and keeping the streets safe matched his own.

Mother: Teelia is one of the better known Apothecaries in Thygasha. Her herbal remedies and healing skills are legendary. She is even occasionally visited by members of the Church of the Caregiver for some of her cures. It was this skill and her regard for the value of life that allowed her to survive the rape. Her son Alwynn and daughter Nooria have both inherited her skills in healing.

Father: Alaan was a respected member of the City Watch. He was very well liked by the members of his station house as he was constantly bringing in healing salves and ointments to help with any of their aches and pains. He generally patrolled the seedier parts of town. He had suspicions that Teelia’s rape was done to send a message to him. He never did voice these suspicions to anyone except his squadmate Eathey. Alaan was found dead in a back alleyway and the murderers have never been found.

Stepfather: Norgren is a former squadmate and close friend of Alaan’s. Upon the death of his best friend, Norgren promptly resigned from the City Watch in protest of the lack of action taken by city officials to increase the number of patrolmen so that no one was left to walk their beat alone. Norgren believes that if Alaan had had help he would not have died. Norgren also helped Teelia out during her time of grief and slowly he moved in with the family. He has since taken on a job as part of the security at The Star Door. Alwynn has never forgiven Norgren for marrying Teelia and Alwynn feels that Norgren betrayed Alaan’s memory by marrying Teelia. This has put a bit of a strain on their relationship, although almost all of the strain is Alwynn’s own doing.


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