The Fellowship of the Dawn

Alliances Forged
The Story Of Geanvue begins.

With Emmit’s aid the party escapes the Labyrinth under the hostel city of Trarr. Emerging from the portal they stumble into a strange chamber guarded my a suit of scarlet red plate, armed with two-handed sword.

(Someone in the group can continue the story if they wish)

Tower of time

Welcome to The Tower of Time Home to Ferssera Lorot, Wimsical Mage of Genavue.
This massive clock tower is home to Emmit Nelson, Graduate of the 6th State. in the Order of Aptitude. (The Mule) as well as Feseera’s servant a short skinny potbellied boy of no more then sixteen Meeker.

Adventure log 001257.3

We… came through the… portal. Not sure… where we… came out but there… is a man wearing… red armour standing… in… our… path. Is he friend or foe? We will… soon… find out.

Hail to the Captain if he was a Hackmaster player.

Three of the Elven Soul Stones have been recovered!
Elven Soul Stones,HackMaster 5th Ed, Hackmaster, Rpg, Fantasy

Well this is the test post….


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