The Tower of Time

Tower of timeThe Tower of Time Stands in Geanavue. All of its citizens know of the tower and the “magical” bells of the tower can be heard every hour of the day (during night times they are much more subdued).

Feseera Lorot Lorot is it caretaker most people know him as a eccentric, and strange man with amazing fireworks he displays during Dragonsfeast (The 11th of declarations).

The only other two known inhabitants are Emmit Nelson, Graduate of the 6th State. and Meeker


Currently only two floors are known, the basement and the first floor.

First Floor:
The first floor comprises 4 rooms, a sitting room, a larger waiting room, dining room, and kitchen. A set of spiral stairs is nestled in one corner of the waiting room.

The Basement:
The basement consists of the portal room with the animated red armour guardian, a sealed vault, meditation room, storage room,

  1. A large 3 pooled bathing room,
  2. Portal room with the animated red armour guardian,
  3. A sealed vault,
  4. Meditation room,
  5. Cadaver room,
  6. Storage room,
  7. Restroom,

The Tower of Time

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