Collapsable Hand Crossbow

A hand crossbow that can be taken down and carried in an oval tube resembling a scroll tube.

weapon (ranged)

The rate of fire of the hand xbow is 14 sec vs the light xbow’s 20 sec. It is easily concealable and fires a bolt with 2d4p damage. It is a short range xbow designed to deliver a poisonous bolt from the shadows.


The plans for this xbow were found in the Perch outside Thygasha. It was being manufactured by the red bearded dwarf McCready (name as best i recall) or the 2 asssassins that were working for him. with modifications to make it collapsable cost was 150 silver. A lanyard attached to the handle allows it to be secured to the players baldric or belt strap when hands must be free.
The plans for this Xbow have been sold to the Xbow makers guild in Guinevu for a royalty of .5 percent over the next 50 years payable to Arac Finecloth. The collapsable nature of the xbow allows it to be stowed in an oval case similar to a map case. This is a fine weapon that merchants, ladies out for a walk and travellers can carry with them unencumbered. Although it does not have a great deal of stopping power it is primarily a deterent in the hands of the inexperienced.

Collapsable Hand Crossbow

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