Heldar Ramel

Mage with a Voulge


Heldar Ramel
Family, 4th born child
Relative Name Alive? Relationship History
Mother Asa Yes Indifferent Tavern Wench at the Naked Bear
Sister Inala Yes Natural Tailor’s wife
Sister Fasala No Bitter Enemy Hung for attempting to murder Heldar
Brother Saterus No Bitter Enemy Disappeared, presumed dead
Brother Lakar Yes Natural Barkeeper in Bet Rogala
Sister Dela Yes Very Close Priestess of Eternal Lantern
Sister Dora Yes Natural Mage/thief in Bet Rogala
Brother Viggo Yes Very Close Fighter/Mage in the Hellcats

Heldar Ramel grew up on the streets of Bet Rogala. His mother worked as a tavern wench at the Naked Bear in the lower end of town. Though she worked hard, she could never seem to save up any money. She had a number of lovers and never stayed with any man for very long. Unfortunately for her, one of her ex-lovers was a member of Ziril’s street gangs. This man, whose name was Rokdar, was the father of Fasala and Saterus. He loved those children dearly and did not wish to end his relationship with Asa. Asa, however, grew bored with her latest lover and decided to spice things up a bit on the side. She chose an Elven ranger who happened to be passing through town for a one night fling. Rokdar found out about this and flew into a rage. That a human woman would defile herself in such a way was an insult to all of mankind. Rokdar and several of his friends ambushed the two lovers outside of town along the lakeshore. The ranger was killed and Rokdar and his friends raped Asa to “Teach her that real men were much better lovers than any pansy eared elves.”
Rokdar was hunted down and hung for murdering the elven ranger. The death of their father traumatized his two young children and they blamed Heldar for Rokdar’s death. Fasala and Saterus spent their childhood trying to make life miserable for their younger brother. As such, Heldar spent most of his time away from the tavern and roaming the streets of Bet Rogala.
One of Heldar’s favourite places to roam to was a small temple to the Eternal Lantern on the far side of town. The Flame of this small temple was a kind elderly man from Renaria. Flame Faran was his name and he took a liking to the poor boy from the streets. Heldar quickly learned that if he came to the temple just prior to the crack of dawn, the old man would allow him to sit on the steps and watch in peace. After watching the glory of the light entering the world, the two of them would share a good breakfast together. Heldar did not realize that Faran was slowly converting him to a religion, but did know that after watching the dawn, his belly was full. Faran began to teach the youngster how to read and write, and slowly Heldar began to receive an education in a place of safety and food. During this time, Heldar would often bring home some of the food from the temple and he would share it with his younger siblings. He would also tell them of all the great stories he had read about. One of their favourites was that of Tira Flameborn and her golden dragon.
This pleasant time of Heldar’s life came to an end on his 14th naming day. It was on this day that Faran was killed in a wagon accident and the small temple of the Eternal Lantern was taken over by a new Flame. This new Flame was an aggressive, militant young man who had no time for the joys of honey cakes and sunrises. He was out to change the world by ridding it of all evil with a good smiting from a mace. As such, Heldar stopped attending the ceremonies and decided that the time was right for him to move on. At the same time, Heldar’s older siblings Fasala and Saterus left home to join the thieves’ guild.
Heldar was unable to find a decent job and decided to take a chance by joining a mercenary company named Havier’s Hellcat’s. Heldar was trained in the use of the Lochaber Axe, which is sometimes called the Voulge. Soldiers in the Hellcats were expected to provide their own armor. As such, Heldar was never trained in how to properly wear his leathers. He attempted to strap them on as best he could, but he could never get the hang of it. One of his mates would normally have to help him put the damn stuff on. The company fought in several minor battles for the Kalamarian Empire. During one of these battles, Heldar became separated from the rest of the men. As he lay flat on his back, staring up at a half-hobgoblin wielding a flaming two handed sword, Heldar yelled the only thing that came to his mind, “Burn!” Flames shot out from Heldar’s hands, engulfing the half-hobgoblin and Heldar. The resulting fire burned Heldar’s attacker and Heldar’s face. This was Heldar’s first encounter with magic.
Seeing one of his men using magic came as a shock to Havier. After some discussion with his senior officers, it was decided that Heldar would be best off being sent to the Mage Collegium in Bet Rogala. This way there would be no more accidental burnings, even if they did turn the tide in a battle.
During his time at the Collegium, Heldar was apprenticed to a large, white bearded man named Jorik Rasturson. Jorik is missing his left eye due to an encounter with a cave troll in his younger days. He is also one of the only Fhokki mages in the Collegium. This tough old man is now in his 80s and teaches the younger mages the art of battlemagery. One of his techniques is to have the younger men pelted with small rocks while trying to cast their spells. He also has them jostled and bumped while casting so that they have some idea of what it is like to cast spells under pressure. Jorik was one of the greatest battlemages and he played a major role in the dwarf wars. Jorik is also the uncle of Carlston Carl’s mother.
Heldar became close friends with his battlemage teacher, and took to learning about Lake Jhorak. Jorik of Jhorak taught his young apprentice not only how to fight, but also how to think and outwit his opponents. One of the keys to victory is understanding your opponents. Jorik taught Heldar as much as possible about the monsters of the world and what each of them wanted and how they fought.
In addition to learning from Jorik, Heldar had several other instructors at the Collegium. One of these was the elven Lady Laraneia. The Lady was one of the only beings old enough to have lived during the time of Tira Flameborn. Although she did not see the dragon herself, she was able to teach Heldar a little bit about dragons. Lady Laraneia is also the one who taught Heldar how to speak and write low elven.
After graduating from the Collegium, Heldar returned to the mercenary lifestyle with the Hellcats. He felt he owed Havier for having sponsored him into the Collegium. This time the Hellcats were fighting against Tokis in the Kalamarian expansion northward. This is where Heldar picked up some true practice in the skills of battlemagery. He would often hide in the back ranks of the pikemen, near the crossbowmen. From this position he would take a quick step back and cast his spells. The surprise of this tactic was often enough to turn the battle for the Hellcats. He is also responsible for breaking the siege of Pipido. He cast Wall Walk on a few soldiers who then snuck around and opened the front gates to the city. During his time with the Hellcats, Heldar talked to many of the soldiers and began to pick up their many different tongues. Heldar even managed to learn some orkish from the Half-Orc Rotgut Headsmasher.
After the war was over, Heldar resigned his commission from the Hellcats and returned home to Bet Rogala. The evening after he entered the city, he was the victim of an attempted mugging. One of the muggers was his older brother Saterus. Using his magic, Heldar was able to freeze Saterus’s throat. Heldar last saw his brother clutching his neck and crawling away in the dirt.
Shortly after this incident, Saterus’s twin sister Fasala tried to kill Heldar. Heldar had just learned the spell Bedazzle and was able to use it to knock his sister out cold. Before Heldar could recover from his spell fatigue, a patrol of city watchmen rounded the corner. Heldar was forced to testify at his sister’s trial, and she ended up being hung. Heldar has regretted this incident ever since.
Shortly after the hanging, Jorik of Jhorak received news that his great nephew was looking for a mage to venture north. He quickly summoned his former apprentice and asked if he was interested. Given the possible sighting of a dragon, the Collegium agreed that Heldar should be sent into the dangerous lands of the north.


Heldar Ramel

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