Elvish ranger, her clan was whiped out




Time drew on however and Celest was forced to forget her role as sister and concentrate on the clan. The hobogoblin hordes were becoming more and more brazen of late, challenging the their territory, and for the first time in many hundreds of years, the clan began losing more member than it could replace. The leaders had forseen this, and not it was only a matter of time before annihilation.
Celest rose quickly as a ranger, no single elf showing more potential than her. She took it upon herself to prove her elders wrong, that the enemy could be defeated, that they would persevere. She was wrong however. The enemy push farther and farther, and even with the help of many allies, including a group called the cornerstone adventuring company, they lost. In the final battle, Celest was the last alive. Days before she was hastily bonded with her hippogriph so that she may serve. At the crest of the battle, with defeat looming, in a last ditch effort Celest rose high on her mount and dive bomed the enemy commander, a dwarf clad in all black. Before she could strike a great blast came forth from the evil ones person and an array of magical bolt struck her mount. They crashed hard into the ground. With great pain Celestriel miraculously rose, only to receive the axe of the dwarf.

At this point the elf was slaved, stripped of her magical cloak, her bow which she crafted herself, exceptional elvish armor, and her circlet of bonding. She traveled in a slave convoy to Dodera where the procession was accosted by raiders. She played dead until one unexpecting bandit came over her. She leap up, grabbing a dagger from his hip and dispatched him and slipped into the woods.

Celetriel took the wood as a her home. The first weeks were hard, for she had to forage and only had a dagger and some rags for cloths. But soon her skills as a woodsman paid off. She constructed a discrete shelter and was able to forage enough to survive. One day when she was gathering food she tracked a small group of cobalts. She found a rather meek pair off guard, and seeing the opportunity to equip herself, she took the opportunity to engage. One took a step the side to take a piss, she struck, wounding him and sending him wheeling. She jumped in, grabbed his bow, and few arrows, and the ran away full tilt before his friend could react. Eventually she meets John’s character and begins working for him and the forest. She makes enough money over a short while to equip herself with armor and some expedition gear. And now were at today


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